Interface Summary
EmoticonLoader Allows the intergration of bespoke smiley images as part of message decoding.
Emoticons Emoticon symbol constants, etc.

Class Summary
AntiSpam Provides basic anti-spam functionality for chatrooms.
EmoteManager Creates emote texts for chat rooms.
MessageDecoder This message decoder class is designed to work along side the main jYMSG classes, accepting raw message strings from Yahoo, and translating them into something a bit more Java-friendly.
MessageDecoderSettings This class acts in tandem with the MessageDecoder, to give control over how the translated output is styled.
MessageElement This class represents an element in a decoded Yahoo message.
MutableMessageElement A mutable object model element which can be output as a Yahoo IM or chat encoded message.
SwingModelFactory A handy class for creating self-updating models for use with Swing's MVC scheme.