Interface Summary
ServiceConstants Defines constants for each of the network message ('packet') types.
StatusConstants Various handy constants for use with the jYMSG API.

Class Summary
ConnectionHandler Abstract parent class for all connection handlers.
DirectConnectionHandler Connection handler for direct connections to Yahoo.
HTTPConnectionHandler Connection handler for HTTP proxy connections to Yahoo.
Session Encapsulates one instant message session, using YMSG.
SOCKSConnectionHandler Connection handler for SOCKS proxy connections to Yahoo.
YahooChatCategory Represents a chatroom category.
YahooChatLobby Represents a single chat lobby.
YahooChatRoom Represents a single chat room, either public (Yahoo owned) or private (user owned).
YahooChatUser Wraps a regular user object to provide the extra information provided by a chat user.
YahooConference Represents an instant messaging conference.
YahooGroup Represents a single group of users on the friends list.
YahooIdentity Represents an alias to the current Yahoo account.
YahooUser Represents a single Yahoo user that the API knows about.

Exception Summary
AccountLockedException Thrown when logging in, to indicate the account has been locked out.
FileTransferFailedException Thrown when file transfer upload or download fails.
IllegalIdentityException Thrown when an invalid identity is passed to a method.
LoginRefusedException Thrown when login using fails, often because of a bad username or password.
NoSuchChatroomException Thrown when the API is asked to do something with a chatroom which does not exist.
NoSuchConferenceException Thrown when the API is asked to do something with a conference which does not exist.
YahooException Abstract top level class for all Yahoo exceptions.
YMSG9BadFormatException Is thrown when the jYMSG API fails to decode an incoming packet due to incorrect or unexpected formatting.